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Passport Requirement For Consulate General of India, Dubai


Following selection item lists the all passport categories that one can apply. Select your desired passport type from the list given below, to get the detailed information.

Guidelines & Basic requirement for Submission of Passport Application

  1. Passport validity within one year of the date of expiry.
  2. Any change in particulars like spouse name endorsement, address change or any correction in passport bio page details will be an issuance of new passport.
  3. If passport is valid for more than one year, but has less than 10 blank pages in the passport.
  4. If applicant is having a recently issued passport which is not older than 6 months and if they want to apply for any kind of services other than MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES, needs to get prior approval from CGI Dubai.
  5. Any Changes/Corrections to be amended in the passport should be accompanied with documentary evidence; request letter with proper explanation required.
  6. A Passport expired for more than 6 months up-to 5 year should be supported by a request letter explaining the circumstances and the reasons for late renewal. If passport expired for more than 5 year then request letter with proper explanation and prior approval required from Consulate General of India, Dubai along with instruction note from BLS.
  7. If applicant is having court case in Dubai or India, application has to be accepted under short validity passport (SVP) service even though applicant is holding valid visa. Along with the application Court paper (Legal English Translation required if the document in Arabic) and CGI approval is required.

Visa Status


Eligible Passport validity

UAE Residence VISA Expired or Cancelled

Within visa grace period of 30 days

No additional document required.
For VISA cancelled cases, cancelation paper required

Full Validity

Beyond visa grace period of 30 days

Short Validity

Maid or Servant

Short Validity (2 Years)

Visit or Tourist VISA

Visa is valid

Visit or Tourist Visa copy or Change Status paper required.

Full Validity

Visa already expired or cancelled

Short Validity


General Information Applicable to all Passport Services:


  1. It is an offence to hold more than one valid passport at a time.
  2. It is an offence under the Passport Act 1967 to furnish false information in the application. Passport facilities would be denied on grounds of suppression of material information, submission of incorrect particulars, willful damage/loss of passport or for unauthorized change/tampering. The Passport can be impounded or revoked for violation of one or more of the provisions under the Passport Act.
  3. An ordinary passport is valid for ten years from the date of issue. It may please be noted that the Passport Issuing Authority, can issue passports even for a shorter duration. If the passport is issued for a short period for any reason, it can be reissued for a maximum period of ten years. Minors are issued passports for 5 years or up to attaining 18 years of age, whichever is earlier.
  4. Processing time and Validity of Passport are the at the sole discretion of passport issuing authorities at Embassy Of India, Abu Dhabi and Consulate General Of India, Dubai.
  5. The scale of fees for renewal and various passport related services including all kinds of miscellaneous services on passport are prescribed by Government of India from time to time.

Basic requirement for Passport

Documents Required


Processing Time

  • Online passport application form ( (Form Filling services are available in the BLS center)
  • 2 recent clear photos 51mm*51mm (not older than three months, no uniform) with white background and DARK DRESS with frontal view. Eyes open, Ears, forehead & chin to be completely visible, no shadows on the face and neck, no reflections on the glasses.

(Photo services are available in the BLS center)

  • Original Passport need to be submitted for all kind of services.
  • All applicants should submit the application in person for identification (Including minors and new born babies).
  • All signatures in the application form should be in black ink and signed in the presence of BLS International Services Customer Service Officer.
  • Current Passport in original with clear photocopy (of first, last, address page (if separate page), any other endorsement pages, Valid UAE visa page) and additional booklets Original, if any.

(Photocopy services are available in the BLS center)

  •   Photo ID card copy with expiry details of ID - Driving License, Emirates Id Card, Health Card.
  • Before approaching Consulate General of India, Dubai for any kind of approval applicant needs to visit one of BLS Center.
  • BLS International offers "Other Services" for the Convenience of applicants at centres.

For Adults (36 pages booklet ) -285 AED

For Adults (60 pages jumbo booklet) – 380AED

For Tatkal Service (36 pages booklet ) -855 AED

For Tatkal Service (60 pages jumbo booklet ) -950 AED

Services Charge - 9 AED

Indian Community Welfare Fund – 08 AED

Processing for passport applications will take 2 to 30 days on case to case basis subject to necessary verifications

TATKAL - Minimum 2 Working Days

Processing time and validity of the passport is under the sole discretion of Consulate General of India, DUBAI

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